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Trinidad and Tobago women poets

Because in most situations where care and nurturing is needed, women are not only the last to be considered as worthy recipients, but they are actually expected to forget about themselves and take care of others! However, writers, especially women writers too have a right to live, plus some time and peace to work. Click here for original full program. In Accra, Ghana, between the 16th and 19th of May , more than 60 women and men from more than 20 countries came together to participate in Yari Yari Ntoaso: Continuing the Dialogue, an international conference on literature by women of African descent.


They presented creative and scholarly perspectives on topics such as: literature and activism, the publishing process, the use of technology, and the act of writing. Public attendees came from around Ghana and from more countries than the speakers, including places as far away as South Africa, China, and the UK.

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Throughout the 29 panels, readings, performances, and interactive workshops in the program, the life and work of renowned poet and OWWA Organization of Women Writers of Africa co-founder Jayne Cortez was remembered and honored. For the first time, Yari Yari hosted events specifically for children and youth, explicitly engaging cross-generational dialogue.

This training course is the follow up to the June training held in Kingston Jamaica and is geared at assessing draft nomination dossiers that each country participant has been in the process of developing over the last eight months. Some 17 Caribbean countries will take part in the training. Regions Latin America and the Caribbean. Monday, March 25, Caribbean meet to prepare heritage dossiers. More artistes and creators are on board to form part of the event In the News Dr Rampersad, whose book, LiTTscapes, was launched as part of the golden jubilee celebrations of Trinidad and Tobago last August, has undertaken a series of tributes called LiTTributes to highlight the contributions and value of the creative sectors of the Caribbean.

It is a quite thorough artistic concept, a portrait and biography of the nation of Trinidad and is attractively, neatly and effectively designed. It reflects a considerable volume of reading, ranging from the dawn of Caribbean literature as early writings of Walter Raleigh, through to present including Nobel laureates Derek Walcott and Sir Vidia Naipaul. Whatever one says no one book can do, this one almost does.

Niala Maharaj interviews Eintou Springer and reading | Alexander Street, a ProQuest Company

It will feature readings and performances inspired by LiTTscapes, which represents some works of some 60 writers, including the Caribbean Nobel laureates for literature, Derek Walcott and Sir Vidia Naipaul. I am indeed humbled and buoyed at the enthusiasm being showed throughout the region and indeed the diaspora for these as already I also have interests expressed for similar LiTTributes in North American and Europe from where a considerable number of our fiction writers have functioned.

Antigua has given us writers like Jamaica Kincaid and Joanne Hillhouse. LiTTscapes: Key Features. Victor, Rubadiri Title: Mark Raymond. Concannon, T. Includes photographs.

Vahni Capildeo

Subject: Architecture, Trinidad and Tobago. Landscapes Subject: Architecture, Caribbean; Assimilation sociology. Newsletter, Vol. Cupples, Lisa Title: Indoor-outdoor living. Notes: Focusing on verandas. Subject: Architecture, Caribbean; Porches, Caribbean. Lewis, Anthony C. Subject: Architecture, Caribbean. Meredith, Mark Title: Roomor Castle. Title: The 15 most beautiful and most important houses in T and T. Notes: Subject: Architecture, Trinidad and Tobago.

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In: TTaras Guide, Jul. Subject: Arima; Cabralis, Aldemar. Farrell, T.

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Klein, Herbert S. Title: Military intelligence. Notes: Describes the military strength of the Venezuelan Armed Forces. Subject: Armed Forces, Venezuela. Title: Gunga Din In: Notes: paint it yourself military prints plus 11 pages of historical notes and uniform information. Includes a short history of the Trinidad and Tobago armed forces, from the Amerindians to Title: Build a regimental tradition: regimental and unit tradition; Part 2.

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Notes: Advocates the embroiding of battle honours on the regimental colours for the Caribbean military forces. Wright, Orville Title: Flag woman of pan.

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  5. Notes: Interview with pan arranger Michelle Huggins-Watts. Hill, Donald R. Poupeye, Veerle Title: Intuitive art as a Canon. Notes: This paper examines the Intuitives concept and the controversies that have surrounded this artistic genre in Jamaica. Brizan, David G. Title: Douens, a new series of paintings and poems by Leroy Clarke. Sander, Philip Title: Talking it through.

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    Notes: Profile of Galvanize, a contemporary arts programme based in Port of Spain. Lewis, V. Notes: Article on the influence of African art on Haiti. Subject: Art, Haiti. Donaldson Ph. D at "Art 'Tobago" Subject: Art. Alexis, Gerard Title: Haitian painting: let us speak about beauty.

    Caribbean Training Course in the Preparation of Nomination Dossiers 2012-2013 (Follow-up)

    Sander, Philip Title: Shock of the new. Notes: An overview of 'Galvanise', a contemporary arts programme based in Trinidad. Elder, J. In: Art and Culture, Vol.